Riot Suppressor Mark VI

Riot Suppressor Mark VI

Riot Suppressor Mark VI Attributes

Advanced Stats

Crit DMG

W-Engine Effect

For characters with the Attack Specialty, the following effects can be triggered

Security Patrol

Increases Ether DMG by 25/31.5/38/44.5/50%. Launching an EX Special Attack grants the equipper 8 Charge stacks, stacking up to 8 times. Whenever the equipper’s Basic Attack or Dash Attack deals Ether DMG, consumes a Charge stack and increases the skill’s DMG by 45/56/67/78/90%.

Level 1

Base ATK: 48

Crit DMG: 19.2%

Level 60

Base ATK: 713

Crit DMG: 48%

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